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At 3Sense we are a group of companies and developments, all with teams of passionate people who believe in the idea of ​​thinking differently, in making technology available to everyone, and we work daily to make our users’ lives easier and safer.

In this way, we help all people and companies to integrate different technologies, Internet of Things (IOT), artificial intelligence (AI), WEB development and APPs and digital animations to their processes, in a very simple way, which allow scaling at different levels.

We have technological developments in different areas:


We integrate technology with sensors, wireless transmission and a powerful platform with complete Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. All thought from simplicity, so our users can monitor sensitive variables and processes in their companies.
Obtaining with this the peace of mind that their productivity, their processes and their products are as good as they wish.

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Everything your professional kitchen needs!

We are a company specialized in the marketing and commercialization of equipment for the gastronomic industry, such as refrigerators, freezers, cooking equipment, Food Trucks and accessories in general, which are the fundamental axis of our clients’ daily operations.

We distribute recognized brands, we have excellent post-sale support and a secure platform to buy with complete peace of mind.

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Findit Store is a virtual retail and wholesale mall, with specialty stores.

In the shopping center you can find what you are looking for without leaving home just one click away and you can also upload your own virtual store to reach customers anywhere in the world.

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F3-Food For Future is a company with quality processes, innovation, imagination and initiative and is able to support agricultural projects internationally, with a scientific model of opportunity, impact and technology in the food industry, which becomes a powerful agricultural productivity tool.

Our goal: ¡to help eradicate hunger in the world!

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WEB & APP Market-inc

We are your gateway to exceptional web development, mobile app, digital animation and digital marketing solutions. With our team of trained professionals, we create cutting-edge websites and easy-to-use mobile apps that drive growth and engagement. From concept to execution, we guarantee seamless functionality and exceptional user experiences.

Choose Web & App Market for innovative and personalized digital solutions that make your business stand out in the online world.

Let us turn your vision into reality today.


We are a team of people passionate about what we do and for being ahead offering you the best accompaniment and technology.

Our goal is that the products purchased by our clients in specialized refrigeration and freezing equipment for medical and laboratory applications exceed their expectations and needs.

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