Why Commercial Refrigeration is necessary in our lives?

Restaurants , grocery stores , hotels and even simple coffee shop located in aiports or shopping centers have as a common denomitor , one or several refrigerated terminals suitable for receiving drinks of food . I can be more explicit : Let´s ask ourselves , for example, what is a Glass Door Refrigerator or Freezer? Perhaps , in my opinion , this equipment can be a passive seller, always ready to attend with a cold sould full of refrigerated or frozen products ready to satisfy the avid consumer who passes by.

That is why Commercial Refrigeration is important in our lives , because it makes it easier for us to have safe products for human consumption and , in turn, generates employment for a long chain made a farmers , designers , advertisers , manufacturers and marketers.

Of course, we also know that sustainable cold chains help reduce food waste and combat climate change. Developing countries could save up to 144 million tons of food per year if they achieved the same level of cold chain infrastructure. than richer nations, says a new report by two UN agencies, calling for increased investment in sustainable and efficient refrigeration systems.

Refrigeration is also important for the future of humanity, an example of this is the bunker under ice where the food of the future is stored. In the event that a tragedy destroys humanity’s main food crops, there is a bank of seeds hidden in the heart of the Arctic to help us start anew. the entrance is 130 meters above sea level, a height well above the most negative projections about how much sea level may rise if the polar ice caps melt completely in the next few centuries.

Being nestled in the middle of the rocks makes the seeds also immune to war. Svalbard is a long way from any military conflict, but even if one explodes in the Arctic and a bomb lands there, it couldn’t theoretically destroy the bank.

Behind the door of this bunker the temperature is maintained at -18°C, between -18°C to -22°C. Commercial refrigeration equipment also preserves food in food dispensaries around the world, giving us quality of life to those of us who inhabit this world.

By Wilhelm

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